Martin Moore: ‘Green shoots’, not bleak midwinter, in the UK journalism sector?

PBJRC trustee Dr Martin Moore has drawn together some of the threads in the wider journalism and regulatory landscape in his new piece for The Conversation. Martin notes the financial, industrial and technological firestorms that have engulfed the news and media sector over the past decade or more: All this paints rather a bleak pictureContinue reading “Martin Moore: ‘Green shoots’, not bleak midwinter, in the UK journalism sector?”

House of Lords Select Committee reaffirms and strengthens support for charitable status

The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee today released Breaking News, the final report for its Inquiry into the Future of Journalism. The report, which concludes with a section articulating unequivocal support for charitable status for journalism notes that “[m]any witnesses in our current inquiry suggested that the Charity Commission should take a moreContinue reading “House of Lords Select Committee reaffirms and strengthens support for charitable status”

APPG Media & hold public panel on public interest news

Today the All-Party Parliamentary Media Group of the UK Houses of Parliament held a public panel discussion, sponsored by, on public interest news in the UK – and it featured significant discussion of charitable status for journalism, including from PBJRC trustee Rachel Oldroyd. Alongside Rachel on the panel were:– Jonathan Heawood, Public Interest NewsContinue reading “APPG Media & hold public panel on public interest news”

Charitable status discussed at DataHarvest 2020

Our trustee Kitty von Bertele, of funder Luminate, spoke on a panel today at the European DataHarvest conference about moves across Europe to establish charitable status for journalism. Stephanie Reuter, Director of the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, spoke about the Forum Gemeinnütziger Journalismus, the coalition raising debate about similar changes in Germany. We’re not sure ifContinue reading “Charitable status discussed at DataHarvest 2020”

Charity Commission recognises ‘charitable journalism’

In a significant new development, the Charity Commission has today granted charitable status to the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF), an organisation developed through consultation with a group of UK independent news publishers. “Whilst there are already a number of journalistic charities operating for educational and similar purposes, PINF is the first to be registeredContinue reading “Charity Commission recognises ‘charitable journalism’”