Focus Areas

The Charitable Journalism Project has been set up to to gather evidence that addresses the current policy vacuum preventing public interest-focused newsrooms from gaining charitable status.

Our work aims to aid funders, policy makers, and elected officials at national and local level.

We are taking action in three principal areas:

Legal Analysis

What principles relevant to journalism are already in use at charity organisations, both in the UK and beyond? The CJP’s legally-focused analysis is led by our legal colleagues from leading charity law firms Bates Wells Braithwaite and Stone King.

Public Interest Journalism Policies

What policies are needed for PIJ newsrooms to carry out their work in compliance with charity law? How do journalistic enterprises put in place effective frameworks to ensure the quality and public benefit of their content?

Local, Independent Journalism

What challenges are independent, local and community journalism outlets facing, and how can the public benefit elements of this journalism be protected, restored and maximised?

Aligning charity policy aims with the work of newsrooms that produce public interest journalism with non-profit principles will help ensure news organisations, crucial for our democracy to function, are more sustainable.

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