The Times view on the decline of local media – The Times, Jul 2022

This leader article agrees that “The demise of regional news reporting is bad for democracy and bad for communities”.

Meet the former builder who is giving local news a new home – The Times, Jul 2022

This feature in the Times quotes our Chair George Brock (“This is a civil emergency”) with reference to the decline of local news provision across the country and our report on the subject from Jun 2022.

New ways to fund journalism – philanthropy: Big in the US, worth £55m since 2019 in UK – Press Gazette, May 2021

Two of our trustees, Rachel Oldroyd and Dr. Martin Moore, are interviewed for this Press Gazette piece on the slow progress of charitable (or ‘philanthropic’, ‘grant-funded’) journalism in the UK compared to other countries.

Finally there might be some good news about UK journalism – The Conversation, Dec 2020

CJP trustee Dr. Martin Moore writes about the “green shoots that could support the gradual recovery of public interest news” after the difficult first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus is killing quality journalism – here’s one possible lifeline – The Conversation, May 2020

CJP Chair George Brock wrote this piece for The Conversation UK on charitable status as one part of the solution for journalism’s future.

Reform charity law to allow funding of public interest journalism – The Conversation, Aug 2018

Professor Steven Barnett and Dr Judith Townend calling for a reform of charity law to permit journalism organisations to register as charities.

Charitable journalism’: Oxymoron or opportunity? – Communication Ethics, 2016

A related article, also by Judith Townend. In the same journal, Jonathan Heawood of PINF analyses the establishment of independent regulator IMPRESS, and whether the decision of the English Charity Tribunal to award it charitable status “opened a way forward for charitable journalism.”

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